Year 1 – Writing 

Project Overview

This half term, 1KN have based their writing around the story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in several experience days to hook and enhance their learning, one of which involved an imagineering session. The children were encouraged to imagine that they were boarding an aeroplane and getting ready to go on adventure, all whilst using the FANTASTIC lenses (thinking about what they can hear, see, feel, touch etc.) Later, we spent some time learning about mechanics, and used this knowledge in a role play session where the children took part in another experience day. This time, we took a trip to the scrap shed. Working as a team, the children used a selection of materials from the scrap shed to build their own vehicles (I was very impressed with their creativity!) Some children role played as a mechanic, whose job it was to fix the vehicles, and some children played a customer, who had a problem with their vehicle that needed fixing. It was great to see the children so engaged in an activity, from which they later produced some fantastic sentences for their stories.

What The Student Says

‘It was fun learning how to be a mechanic and fixing people’s cars.’

‘My aeroplane needed a new engine because it was broken, and child X helped me to fix it when I took it to the garage.’

‘When my car ran out of petrol, I needed to take it to get fixed. We learned all about mechanics – they help people.’

‘My story is about a boy who gets stuck on the moon because his aeroplane runs out of petrol. He meets a Martian and they are friends. He feels sad though because he misses his mummy.’

– 1KN Children 

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • Taken part in experience days to hook and enhance their learning.
  • Considered the FANTASTIC lenses when taking part in imagineering and role play sessions.
  • Been able to compose sentences orally before writing them down. 
  • Thought about the sequencing of sentences to form short narratives.
  • Been able to re-tell a story using their own sentences and ideas. 
  • Begun to punctuate sentences using full stops, capital letters and question marks.
  •  Begun to use adjectives to make their writing more interesting and engaging. 

What The Teacher Says

I have loved watching the children’s writing develop over the past half term, and it is great to be able to provide children with fantastic opportunities to be creative. I have been really impressed with how engaged the children have been with our writing topic. The children have been able to successfully recreate a well known story, using their own imagination and creativeness, and have produced some brilliant sentences over the course of the half term. I have seen real improvements with their writing, and they are now beginning to punctuate their sentences using question marks as well as full stops. The children have been able to develop their writing even further, by adding adjectives for description and suffixes to verbs.