Year 4 – Electricity

Project Overview

In Science this half term we have been learning about electricity. We have covered all areas from simple circuits, switches and electrical safety. The children first started out by doing a child led experiment where they had to construct a simple circuit based on what they already knew. It was interesting to see how the children pieced the circuit together. Once the children had worked out how to do a circuit we looked at what electricity was and how it worked. Over the past few weeks the children have been looking at the flow of electrons. We looked at how breaks in the circuits would effect this and what would happen. The children created their own switches using split pins and paper clips too look at what would happen. The children also looked at lighting a bulb with a lemon battery and it was successful! Finally we finished by showcasing all of the things we have learnt and putting it into an electrical safety poster for younger children.,

What The Student Says

“I really like guessing which circuit would work. The suspense was exciting!” – 4LB child. 

“My favourite circuit was when we used a lemon. I liked this because I didn’t think it would work and it did!” – 4LB child.

“I have really enjoyed electricity. It was good when I learnt how to make a simple circuit.” – 4LB child. 

” You have to be very carefully around electricity and make sure you’re sensible.” – 4LB child.


What skills were developed?

The children have learnt: 

How to build a simple circuit. 

How to draw a simple circuit using the scientific drawings for the components. 

About the flow of electrons. 

About switches and their impact on a circuit. 

How to identify a conductor and an insulator. 

How to be safe around electricity. 

What The Teacher Says

“I really enjoyed teaching this topic as the children as always fully engaged when learning about electricity. The children listened so carefully to instructions as they understood that we needed to be safe around electricity but they also used their initiative to conduct various child led experiments. The children asked lots of questions and made insightful observations when working with electricity. Each week they wanted to learn more and more and came to school with information that they had learnt in their own time. I was so impresed with them!” Miss Brennan – Year 4 Teacher.