Mechanisms – Moving Pictures by year 3

Project Overview

Year 3 have been learning about mechanisms in Design and Technology this half term. They have recapped their knowledge of how to make a moving picture from KS1 by making a simple sliding mechanism. Next, they practised the skill of making  a simple pivot lever using a split pin, a strip of card and they learnt how to make a hole safely using a rubber and a pencil. They designed a moving picture of their choice in their design and technology books. They had to think carefully about who they were making their picture for (user). Was it going to be for them or a family member? Once they had decided this they had to think about their design carefully and what they wanted their moving picture to look like. They needed to consider which part of their picture would move and what would the background look like as they needed to match. The children looked at lots of different examples of moving pictures before designing their own and they had opportunity to test out their design ideas in their D&T book. The children created their moving pictures over several lessons to ensure that their final product was of a high standard. They were encouraged to use a variety of drawing materials to create a professional finish to their moving pictures. The children learnt about fixed and loose pivots and had to make sure that they were placed correctly otherwise the picture wouldn’t move! Some children  had a few attempts before they manged to get their fixed and loose pivots in the correct position. 

What The Student Says

” I really liked making my moving picture. I think I did a good job. It moves well and I like my design.”

“It was a bit tricky making the fixed and loose pivots. I had to have a few practises before I got them in the right place and everything moved.”

” I love my design. It was good to have my ideas in my D&T book as I kept looking at it when I was making my moving picture.”

Year 3 children.

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • learnt how to make a hole safely using a pencil and rubber
  • recapped the skill of making a sliding mechanism
  • learnt how to make a leaver and linkage system that allows movement
  • understand what a lever is
  • understand what a linkage is
  • know and use a fixed and loose pivot correctly allowing movement
  • cut to size
  • measure carefully
  • plan a design and follow their design idea to create an end product
  • add colour using drawing materials to add detail to their overall product

What The Teacher Says

“The children were really engaged in this unit of work. They enjoyed recapping their knowledge of sliding mechanisms from KS1 and were keen to see what the next steps would be in terms of progression and making a moving picture. Some children found it a bit tricky creating the fixed and loose pivots and ensuring they were placed correctly allowing movement. They had some great design ideas and it was brilliant to see their designs come to life from their D&T books to make a moving picture. The children have picked up lots of new skills through this project as well as brushing up on some previous skills from KS1. I was very impressed with how the children helped each other, holding things in place while another child fixed and fastened things.  Well done year 3!”

Miss Webster