Frame structures – year 5

Project Overview

Year 5 have been learning about frame structures this half term. First, they looked at different examples of frame structures both natural and man made in their surrounding environment. Next, they used art straws to explore making different structures. The children had to learn how to fasten the straws together making different joins. Once they had knowledge of this and had practised the skills to make the correct joins the children worked together to explore making structures. They quickly realised that the structures that used triangle shapes worked best and were the strongest. They learnt that this is called ‘triangulation’ and lots of designers and engineers use it to make strong structures. The children designed their own lantern , some on a Christmas theme and others based on different ideas. They worked with willow to create a frame structure that used triangulation. Finally, they had to make their lantern look aesthetically pleasing and follow their design. Here are some of the designs and photos showing the process. The year 5 children worked brilliantly together and helped each other when an extra pair of hands were needed. Amazing work year 5!

What The Student Says

” I am really pleased with my lantern. I followed my design in my D&T book. I think it looks really good and I have made a strong structure.”

” I found it quite hard cutting the willow to the right size and fastening all of the pieces together. I had a bit of help from a friend which made it easier.”

“I enjoyed using the art straws to make a structure. It was good to learn how to fasten everything together using different joins.”

Year 5 children.

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • learnt how to measure using a ruler and mark off the measurement with a pencil
  • cut the correct lengths to size
  • make different joins
  • understand and use triangulation
  • create a design and follow it
  • change and adapt their design if needed
  • design a product for a user
  • ensure that their design is aesthetically pleasing
  • make strong joins and fastenings using taught methods

What The Teacher Says

“I am really proud of the year 5 children and everything that they have achieved this half term. They worked together brilliantly to help each other when they needed an extra pair of hands. Some children found it quite hard to measure and cut their lengths to size and to fasten the pieces together to make a strong structure however with a bit of perseverance they got their. The structures are strong and the children have used triangulation to good effect. The designs on the outside of the lanterns were colourful, bold and bright! Well done year 5 !”

Miss Webster