Rocks, Fossils and Soil

Project Overview

In year 3 this half term we have been learning all about rocks, fossils and soil formations. The children became Petrologists and Palaeontologists throughout this unit to support their learning.  The children began by classifying and grouping different types of rocks based on their appearance and simple properties. The children used magnifying glasses to thoroughly examine the rocks to help sort them.  The children learnt the formation of the 3 rocks and how their rock cycle links.

They then studied different fossils and understood how they are formed. The children were excited to learn that once an animal dies the soft parts of the body decomposes leaving behind it’s skeleton. This becomes buried by small particles of rock called sediment before minerals in the water replace the bone making a replica of the original bone. The children even had a chance to create their own fossil imprints out of clay.

Finally, the children researched different soil types and how soil is formed. The children were shocked to find out that the earth would not survive without soil.

What The Student Says

“I love Science. I like doing experiments and playing with rocks and fossils.”- Year 3 child.

”I know igneous rocks are made when lava cools down.”- Year 3 child.

”I loved going caving and going on our school trip. It was amazing!.”- Year 3 child.


What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed their communication and language skills
  • developed their observational skills 
  • made predictions
  • compare and group together different rocks based on their appearance and simple properties
  • to know how Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentory rocks are formed
  • describe in simple terms how fossils are formed when things that lived are trapped in rocks
  • recognise that soils are made from rocks, minerals and organic matter
  • developed the ability to talk about changes made 

What The Teacher Says

Over the last half term I have loved seeing how engaged the children have been in their learning. The children thoroughly enjoyed doing experiments this half term- testing the hardness and acidity of a rock being their favourite.

To end a fantastic unit the children went caving in Stump Cross Caverns, it was amazing to see the knowledge learnt throughout this unit being explored down in the caves.

– Miss Crowther, 3EC Class Teacher