Lineham Farm

Project Overview

Year 4 were incredibly lucky to attend Lineham Farm Residential this half term. It was a brilliant opportunity for children to build their resilience, teamwork skills, independence and most importantly, have loads of fun!

We took part in different activities over the 3 days. These were Lineham Explorers where we took part in a stream walk, learned about local wildlife and looked after the animals they have on the farm. The children also took part in cycling; learning to ride a bike and having a go on challenging jump tracks! During climbing, children had the opportunity to try a range of different climbing walls and a rope obstacle course. This was really an opportunity to face their fears and they did brilliantly. Bushcraft involved building their own shelters and toasting marshmallows over fires they lit themselves! Children also had to make their own beds, keep their rooms tidy, and set and clear the tables. 

During evenings, children played together in the games room. 4EB were able to experience a nightwalk which was very exciting and 4LB performed a Christmas Concert!

What The Student Says

“I had the best time at Lineham! I learnt to ride a bike!” -4EB Student

“Lineham farm was so much fun!” 4LB Student

“The best part of Lineham was being able to spend time with my friends and teachers.” 4EB Student

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed their teamwork and cooperation skills
  • improved their resilience
  • become more confident in themselves and their abilities
  • pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone
  • developed their communication skills
  • learnt new skills such as climbing and riding a bike 

What The Teacher Says

“I absolutely loved Lineham Farm! It was wonderful to see the children having so much fun and having an opportunity to do different things. They showed so much resilience and many of them faced their fears and learnt a new skill. Children who were already confident at something were so supportive of anyone who was a bit nervous. The children were brilliantly behaved and a credit to the school!”

– Miss Buxton, 4EB Class Teacher