Year 1 – Music

Project Overview

 This half term we have been learning to play boomwhackers. We have looked at the different pitch the different colours and sizes makes. We have thought about volume and how to play the boomwhackers louder and quieter. We learnt about the pulse of a song and how this is the beat. We were able to play our boomwhackers along to the pulse. We were able to try and compose our own music using the boomwhacker colours to help us compose the track. 

Throughout the half term we have been using our boomwhackers to play twinkle twinkle and have got better each week. 

We have listened to lots of different music styles this half term and discussed the instruments we can hear as well as whether we like the music or not and why. 

What The Student Says

“Are we doing those boomwhackers again this week?” 1LS pupil.

“This is super fun and super easy. I love the boomwhackers.” 1LS pupil. 

“I like watching the video and playing along.” 1LS pupil. 

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • used their voices expressively by singing songs.
  • played tuned instruments musically.
  • listened with concentration and understanding to a range of music.
  • experimented by creating, selecting and combining sounds.

What The Teacher Says

“I have really enjoyed seeing the children use the boomwhackers and have been extremely impressed by their attitude towards their music lessons. They are determined to play the whole of Twinkle Twinkle correctly and to the right tune. It has been a pleasure to watch them work together as a class and really focus on a shared goal.” Miss Sunderland, class teacher. 

“I have been really impressed by how sensible they have been with the boomwhackers. It has been fantastic watching them develop their musical abilities.” Miss Hubbard, teaching assistant.