Year 2 – Digital Photography

Project Overview

This term we have been working on digital photography.

The children have enjoyed learning about how to take a photograph and what makes a good photograph.  They have explored how best to capture the subject of a photograph by taking pictures in landscape and portrait form and experimenting with the position of the subject.

They have learned how to take photographs of people and buildings as well as close-up shots and selfies! They have looked at their photos and retaken them to make improvements.

During the process of reviewing their photographs, the children have used technical language and they have come up with some insightful comments.

What The Student Says

“Yes!  We’re taking photos today!” – 2SM pupil.

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • learned that different devices can be used to capture photographs.
  • captured, edited and improved photographs.
  • saved and reviewed photographs.
  • understood that photographs can be changed after they have been taken.

What The Teacher Says

“The children have loved learning about digital photography and the bonus of this unit was that much of the work was done outdoors.  You could clearly see how the children’s learning was progressing through the images they captured.  There were some very thoughtful discussions about the improvements that need to be made before they retook their photographs.”

– Mrs Stirk – 2SM Class teacher