Reception- Around The World!

Project Overview

This half term we have been on our very own adventure which has allowed us to visit several different places around the world. We started our learning in January looking at the change in season and we learnt about the different animals that live ‘above’ and ‘under’ the snow during the winter. We then looked at what our winter is like compared to winter in a contrasting country, like Antarctica. We particularly  enjoyed watching David Attenborough’s documentaries about the ‘Frozen Planet’.  During this time, we learnt how animals are able to keep themselves warm in Antarctica and we explored the purpose of ‘blubber’ using our scientific enquiry skills.  We loved having the chance to create our own ‘winter’ themed documentaries, using the green screen to tie together all of our learning.

Following this, our learning then moved on to focus on the story ‘The Snail and The Whale’. Using this story, we were able to learn about a range of other environments such as the jungle, the mountains, coral reefs and deserts. When focussing on this text, the children used their observational skills to paint animals from the story, collaged their own jungle landscapes, grouped and sorted animals into their correct environments, looked a different countries on a map and much, much more!

After learning about these new places, we then discovered that Miss Korenika is from Italy. We spent the final two weeks learning lots of information about Venice in Italy and we enjoyed reading the story ‘The Glassmaker’s Daughter’. We learnt how to sing in Italian, learnt how to make Pizza, visited an Italian restaurant, made our own mask for the Venice Carnival and explored the concept of mirroring.

We have also been fortunate to celebrate Chinese New Year this half term. Whilst celebrating, we attempted Chinese writing, made CNY lanterns, money wallets, animal masks and a large dragon head for dragon dancing. We looked at lots of Chinese  artefacts, tried on traditional Chinese outfits and tasted Chinese food.

What an super half term we have had Reception, well done!

What The Student Says

‘I liked it when we learnt about polar bears. They have blubber on their skin’. – Reception child

‘We know how to use the green screen to make our own movies’.– Reception child 

‘We made a big dragons and did dancing around the playground’.– Reception child 

‘I liked learning how to make yummy pizza. It was hot and cheesy’. – Reception child 

‘In Venice they have no cars. They have boats and gondolas’. – Reception child

What skills were developed?

The children have been:

  • continuing to develop their scissors skills 
  •  learning to talk about life in a contrasting country and how this differs to their own
  • learning how to collage using different materials 
  • learning to observe and make predictions 
  • learning how to ask questions to retrieve more information 
  • how to create observational drawings and paintings 
  • learning how to orally rehearse a sentence before writing 
  • practising their recall of number bonds to 8
  • singing a range of well known songs
  • working and playing co-operatively with one another 
  • inventing and acting out their own stories during Helicopter Stories 

What The Teacher Says

It has been such a treat to see the children become so engaged within their learning this half term. The children have really impressed me with their ability to talk about what they have learnt and they have tried hard to use lots of new, and interesting vocabulary. The children found it particularly exciting that Miss Korenika was Italian, and they have been fascinated with learning lots about life in her home country.  The children have made super progress this half term in all areas of their learning, and I am very proud of each and everyone of them. 

– Miss Procter, Reception Class Teacher