Year 3- Meeting Joshua Siegal

Project Overview

This half term the children had an excited Zoom call with Joshua Siegal- a highly acclaimed, award-winning professional poet, performer and educator who uses poetry to develop literacy skills and inspire confidence and creativity in communication Within Guided Reading the children have been reading lots of different poems and spotting the techniques to write different genres of poems.

What The Student Says

” I want to be a Poet when I am older.”-  Year 3 child.

”I prefer poems that rhyme because they are cooler.”- Year 3 child.

”I like that you don’t always need to use capital letters and full stops in poems.” – Year 3 child.

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed their communication and language skills
  • developed their turn taking and sharing ideas
  • improved in confidence when performing and reading their poems in front of others
  • learnt that not all poems need to rhyme
  • learnt different techniques and features of poem
  • had a chance to write their own animal poem following repetition

What The Teacher Says

It was great to see the children work with Joshua. Some of the children were extremely excited to see someone famous. The children were curious and asked Joshua lots of different questions about how it got into writing poems and why.  

– Miss Crowther