4LB- This is Me Dance 

Project Overview

This half term 4LB have been working on dance with Miss Beaumont. The dance focused upon being proud of who you are regardless of outside noise and becoming more confident. We were creating a circus style dance with theatrical performances!

To begin with the children were taught the opening 24 counts of the dance. This took a lot of concentration and all being in time with the music! The children worked really hard to soon pick these moves up.

From this, the children worked on group dances which they created themselves! They came up with some fantastic moves and shared their ideas brilliantly with one another. We included a timing and formation change by creating a whole class cannon line. 

Children then had to work in pairs to design their own paired move. We had some incredible moves including lifts and balances such as bridges and counter tension work. 

It was then time for our finale piece! This was where children could show their individual skills like splits, pyramids and cartwheels!

Mrs Singleton, Miss Taylor and Miss Brennan came to watch 4LB perform the dance. They commented on how hard the children must have worked and how much concentration they showed to perform such a long, exciting dance! Well done 4LB!

What The Student Says

“This is really challenging but I am really proud of myself”

“I love this dance!”

“I enjoyed working with a partner and in groups”

“My confidence in dance has grown”

“I’m proud of my friends for learning the dance”

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • improved their abilities to learn and recall a whole dance
  • advanced their gymnastics and dance skills to perform different moves
  • been a supportive friend to their peers to encourage one another to keep working on the dance
  • developed their communication and language skills
  • improved in confidence when performing in front of others
  • followed instructions carefully 
  • developed awareness of dance elements such as formation, speed and height changes 

What The Teacher Says

It has been incredible to see the children’s skills and confidence within dance grow. Children have worked amazingly well as a whole class, in pairs and in their groups. It has been a challenging dance to learn but they have concentrated throughout and consistently wanted to better their performance. 

When the class did their final performance to Mrs Singleton, Miss Taylor and Miss Brennan I felt so proud of what they have achieved. Every week they have listened and worked together to create this amazing dance. Well done!