Year 2 – layered drawings using shape and colour

Project Overview

The children in year 2 have been learning about the wonderful world of Pop Art with a focus on the work of American artist, Roy Lichtenstein. They looked at some examples of his work and noticed his use of colour, simple shapes, words and Benday dots. Year 2 created a layered drawing using different shapes that contrasted with each other. They practised and tested out their ideas for their drawing in their sketchbooks. They learnt how to create a series of precise dots, using one colour just like Roy Lichtenstein. First , they tried to draw the different shapes using free hand and next they used a template. The children had the chance to talk about which result they liked best and compare the two approaches. They made a decision to use the templates to create their shapes as they gave a more precise and professional finish. The children selected primary and secondary colours to create each layer of their drawing. They used their sketchbooks to test out vocabulary and practise writing using thick, bold letters with shadow to make them look three dimensional. Finally, everything had to be outlined to make the different sections ‘pop!’ and then the layers were assembled to create their final composition. 

What The Student Says

” I love how my drawing looks like it is coming out of the page!”

“It was difficult to draw the shapes in my sketchbook. The templates made it easier but I hadn’t used one before so this was a bit tricky too.”

“It was lots of fun making the Benday dots using a cotton bud. It looked easy but it was hard to get the dots in straight lines.”

“I practised writing different words in my sketchbook using thick letters. I liked this but it took some time to get it right. Some letters were harder than others.”

Year 2 children

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • learnt how to draw round a template
  • used blocks of primary and secondary colours for effect
  • cut out carefully around a shape
  • practise their painting skills and revisit how to use a paint brush accurately
  • create bold, thick lettering using blocks of colour
  • use outlining to good effect
  • assemble their work to create a pleasing composition 

What The Teacher Says

The year two children have thoroughly enjoyed this unit of work looking at popular culture through art. They were fascinated by the simplicity of Pop Art but quickly realised that it is a very stylised way of creating. The children had the opportunity to practise and revisit basic skills – painting, drawing round a template, colouring in using blocks of primary and secondary colours and cutting out their shapes carefully. They loved assembling the different layers of their drawing to make a final composition. Well done year 2!

Miss Webster