Year 3- Walk like an Egyptian 

Project Overview

This half term the children looked at the different aspects of life in ancient Egypt. We discovered so much about the exciting lives they led over 4000 years ago!

Throughout this unit, we explored many different elements of ancient Egypt, even travelling there by plane! The children had their own plane tickets, and we jetted off in lesson one. The pupils loved this experience and spent the rest of the term asking when we could fly again. 

We enjoyed lots of imagineering throughout out Egyptian study, such as:

-Exploring the tomb of Tutankhamun

-Walking around Egypt with our clipboards, noting down important information about the sights we visited

-Producing freezeframes as an ancient Egyptian family, using drama to discuss how they would have felt at hearing the pharoah was visiting!

-Creating our own class mummy following the interesting steps of mummification.

The children all emphasised how much they enjoyed this module, and wanted to continue learning about it at the end of the the term. We are all so excited to begin our new history topic next term… the Romans! Our pupils are now expert historians, and we have no doubt they will use the skills they have learned throughout this topic in the rest of their studies, and when we are exploring our next topic.

What The Pupils Say

“I loved learning about ancient Egypt, I want to know more”

“We all worked really well as a team when we were exploring Tutankhamun’s tomb”

“It felt really real when we flew to Egypt, I still have my ticket in my drawer”

“I think it’s crazy how they used to make mummies”

“I think Tutanmhamun was probably very moody and I can’t believe he was so young when he became the pharoah”

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed their skills as historians
  • used inference to determine what certain artefacts could have been/could represent
  • participated in drama exercises to portray the lives of the ancient Egyptians
  • produced a variety of work on the subject of ancient Egypt, such as drawings, written work, and freeze frames 

What The Teacher Says

We have really enjoyed seeing the children so engaged in this topic and so immersed in the world of ancient Egypt. We have had some great class discussions, and the pupils have all been very excited to learn more about ancient Egypt and the lives of the ancient Egyptians. It has been a joy to teach this subject and to see the children so happy throughout the lessons, and we are very proud of our group of young historians!

-Miss Crowther, Miss Volke and Miss Morrison