Painting  – a study in line, colour and shape

Project Overview

This half term the children in year 5 have been learning how to paint using line, shape and colour. They looked at the work of  abstract artists Robert and Sonia Delaunay whose work is famous for their strong use of colour and geometric shapes. The children used their sketchbooks to research ideas and practise drawing with different shapes and colour. They used intersecting lines using a ruler to cut through some of the shapes they had made. They used oil pastels and paint to see what different effects the materials would give. The children used gallery time to observe each others work and they were able to talk about their likes, dislikes and difficulties throughout the process. Well done year 5!

What The Student Says

“Drawing using line, shape and colour wasn’t as easy as it looks!”.

“I liked looking at the different shapes in the Robert and Sonia Dealunay examples of work.”

” I found it hard to use a ruler to draw with but got better once I had practised in my sketchbook.”

” I love the bright, bold colours in my work and the shapes.”

” I really like my finished painting.”



What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • learnt how to look at abstract art and comment on it with sensitivity
  • make an interesting composition using shape, colour and line
  • learnt how to draw round 2d shapes with increasing accuracy
  • Learnt how to draw using a ruler and hold it steady
  • Mix colours accurately to the desired effect
  • Use the right sized paint brush for the correct area of work
  • Hold and use their paintbrush carefully with increasing accuracy
  • Clean their brush regularly between different paint applications

What The Teacher Says

The children worked really well on their final painted compositions. They had opportunity to practise the skills of using different 2d shapes and a ruler to create an interesting composition in their sketchbooks first. Year 5 were able to discuss and comment on the work of others and give their opinions. They enjoyed having the opportunity to practise their painting skills, including, colour mixing and paint application. The final compositions are bold, bright and show different geometric shapes. Well done year 5!