Nursery – Science Week

Project Overview

This half term, we took part in National Science Week. Every day that week, children accessed activities that focused on different types of scientific enquiry and developed their skills in working like scientists. For example, the children accessed activities that included investigating biscuits to discover which is the odd one out, Categorising natural objects found during outdoor learning and exploring materials. They also predicted which material would create the best protective cover for the eggs we found in the playground and, whilst planting flowers and vegetables, discussed that they would need to grow.
Abbie, the scientist, visited the children and encouraged them to explore colours in different ways using hands-on experiments.
Children also had the opportunity to complete a science project at home and bring it to school to display in the hall as part of our science fair.

What The Student Says

“The bubble wrap protected the egg. It didn’t crack. The paper egg cracked though.”

“I think the cloth with protect the egg.”

“Look this sticks to the magnet.”

“My seed is in the mud and now I need water.”

“Look it’s changed colour when we put that on it.”

“My seed is going to grow into a flower.”

“The mud is dry we need to water it.”

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  •  To identify the odd one out in a set. 

  • To use their fine motor skills when using to trowel and turning on the tap when collecting water. 

  • To carry water in a watering can without spilling it

  • To use a magnet to find materials that are magnetic.

  • To  talk about what they notice during experiments.

  • To  begin to make predictions. 

  • To use language to explain their thinking. 

  • To catergorise objects.

What The Teacher Says

Science week provided the children with lots of talking opportunities as they spoke about what they had done, seen and thought may happen. It was lovely to hear the children’s reasons for their predictions and then allow them to investigate to see if their ideas were correct.

Planting in our allotment beds with Debbie, the school gardener was popular. The children would excitedly come inside to tell how they planted the seeds. I was very proud to observe the children in their independent play and then take it upon themselves to care for the seeds daily by watering them and checking to see if they had grown.