Norse Mythology

Project Overview

This half term, we have been looking at Norse mythology in our writing. We have particularly focused on the stories of Thor.

We researched Norse Gods and their enemies. Children worked in groups to design their own enemy and a weapon that could be used against that enemy.

We then began to write a story about Thor fighting that enemy! He woke up one day to find his beloved weapon was missing and he had to go on a journey to recover it from the thief.  The children really enjoyed using drama to act out parts of the story and being visited by Loki, Thor’s brother.  Children worked in pairs to act out a conversation between Thor and Loki and this led to some fantastic writing. They created some freeze frames of different parts of the battle while Thor went to find his weapon. Thor recovered his weapon at the end of the story but there may have been a twist ending about where the weapon was! 

Children shared their stories around the campfire as this is how Norse myths were shared.

What The Student Says

“I’ve really enjoyed all the drama we’ve done!”

“Norse mythology is cool.”

“I’m really proud of my story and I think it’s the best work I’ve ever done.”

What skills were developed?

The children have:

  • developed their drama skills and acting ability
  • improved in confidence when performing in front of others
  • worked as teams to find out new information
  • used their creativity to create new characters and weapons
  • focused on including fronted adverbials and conjunctions in their writing
  • shared their work with Year 6 and read with expression 

What The Teacher Says

This has been one of my favourite writing topics ever! The children have been so engaged with the myths and have shown huge amounts of enthusiasm. Watching their confidence grow through drama has been wonderful and it has really improved the quality of their writing.

-Miss Buxton, Year 4 teacher.