Art – Artsmark

Art plays an important role in providing every child in our school the opportunity to shine!


50 Art activities to try before you leave Clapgate Primary School. 

Here are 50 art activities for you to try before you leave Clapgate Primary School. Lots of these will be covered through our art curriculum in school however you might want to try some of them at home. Every child will have an art passport which they can get stamped by their class teacher or Miss Webster when they have completed an activity. The art passport will move through school with your child as part of their art learning. If you do work at home, you can bring it in to show your teacher or Miss Webster and get your stamp. How many will you do?

Art exhibition Autumn  2020

This is a showcase of some of the work from across school in Autumn term 2020. Here you will find examples of painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, textiles and printing. 

Outdoor Art

At Clapgate we try and create learning opportunities for children to create art outside throughout all seasons of the year. We recognise the value in enabling children to learn outside among nature and open space.  Sometimes the art links to our outdoor learning areas and we respond to the weather whatever that might be!

Leeds Art Gallery Natural Encounters virtual workshop

6MB really enjoyed their virtual workshop entitled Natural Encounters with Amanda Phillips from Leeds Art Gallery this week. The children focused on a sculpture entitled Medicine Wheel by Chris Drury made in 1982 which consists of collected natural objects over 365 days of the year. They had the opportunity to explore the beautiful gallery space, see exhibits and ask questions. True art detectives! Well done 6MB!

The Drawing Project – Week 1

Class 3EC began working with Amanda Phillips from  Leeds Art Gallery and local artist Nichola Pemberton last week. They are learning about abstract drawing and landscapes alongside 3 other primary schools from Leeds. Throughout the project the children will create different types of landscapes working towards creating their own simplified drawing that can then be used as part of a colouring book that is being produced by Leeds Art Gallery. Two drawings will be selected from each school to create the content of the colouring book. We will keep you updated!

The Drawing Project – Week 2

This work shows week 2 of 3EC’s Drawing Project with Leeds Art Gallery and local artist Nichola Pemberton. Abstract drawing was the order of the day. The children concentrated on their use of line and shapes to create a layered drawing. Well done 3EC!

The Drawing Project – Week 3

The Drawing project continued for 3EC today as they worked with local artist Nichola Pemberton and Amanda Phillips from Leeds Art Gallery. The children created layered, abstract, landscape  drawings using pencil and torn paper. There was great focus from all of the children and some interesting reflections. Well done 3EC!

The Drawing Project – Week 4

Following on from their session last week with local artist Nichola Pemberton and Amanda Phillips the children worked in the art room today and concentrated on drawing everyday objects using line only. They had to look carefully at the shape of the items and draw them real size. They were asked not to draw small details on their drawings and think about how drawings in colouring books are put together and printed. This process will help them to create a line only landscape drawing ready for the colouring book.

The Drawing Project – Week 5

It was 3EC’s final session of The Drawing Project today. The collaboration with Leeds Art Gallery and local artist Nichola Pemberton has gone so well. The children looked at a variety of landscape paintings and identified shapes and outlines within them to draw in their own composition. Finally, they had to create their landscape drawing using pen line only. Two drawings have been selected to become part of a landscape colouring book for a book that will be used in Leeds Art Gallery over the summer months. The children voted democratically for two drawings to be put forward. Amazing work 3EC! Watch this space for the big reveal…

Leeds Art Gallery Recycled Sculpture Virtual Workshop 

Class 5AO took part in a virtual workshop today with Amanda Phillips from Leeds Art Gallery. The children had a look at exhibits from the gallery spaces that were made from recycled items. They considered and discussed what the sculptures had been made from and what recycled objects had been used. They also got to think about what items at home they could recycle and reuse to make something new. Well done year 5 ! You had some fantastic ideas and sketches!

 ‘Future Predictions’ in collaboration with professional artist Harold Offeh and Leeds Art Gallery.

5AO have spent several weeks working with professional artist Harold Offeh and Amanda Phillips from Leeds Art Gallery. The children considered the past, present and future through a variety of art forms. The class worked virtually with Harold and gallery staff recording their ideas in their sketchbooks and created sculptural fortune tellers which showcased their future predictions. The children were lucky enough to engage in a fantastic session in the art room at school where Harold and his assistant , Tara , recorded the children’s future predictions for their future and the future of Leeds. The class also got the opportunity to work with sound sampling, recording equipment and to mix different sounds together. Finally, the class visited Leeds Art Gallery to work as art detectives looking at different examples of art works and taking part in a drawing workshop where the children were able to work on a large scale to create a drawing showing their future predictions for Leeds. The final piece of sound art was successfully put together by professional artist Harold and has been on display at Leeds Art Gallery over the festive season. I am very proud of you all. Well done 5AO! 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park – Year 2

Year 2 visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where they got the opportunity to see a variety of sculptures in a beautiful landscape. This visit supported the children’s learning about sculpture and their artist study of Andy Goldsworthy. The weather was brilliant and the children enjoyed walking around seeing sculptures made on a very large scale. Year 2 visited the inside gallery spaces too, where they got to see the current exhibition of Robert Indiana. It was a fabulous day out and the children got to see works of art  by Henry Moore, Andy Goldsworthy, Damien Hirst, Sean Scully and Robert Indiana among others. Year 2 enjoyed stopping and sketching the sculptures as they walked around the landscape giving them chance to look at the size, shapes, colours, patterns and materials that they were made from. One child said:

“This has been the best day ever! I loved seeing the sculptures. They were huge! I want to come back with my family.”