Creating Active Schools

Movement is the starting point for wiring the brain for learning.

Gill Connell

Creating Active Schools

At Clapgate, we understand the importance of physical activity in the lives of children. We recognise that the amount of physical activity a child does can have huge impacts on their mental and physical wellbeing, as well as their attainment and enjoyment on school. We are committed to ensuring children have ample opportunity for physical activity, not just during break and lunch times, in all aspects of their learning and time at school. Physical activity is not long, difficult exercise circuits but just simply moving your body!

Active learning is an integral part of our approach to learning at Clapgate. Our staff is dedicated to planning and teaching high quality lessons with lots of opportunity for activity. This could be role play, scavenger hunts, fitness circuits, yoga breaks and a huge range of other options. Physical activity has a positive impact on concentration so we ensure regular breaks for activity. This can be in the classroom, our school halls or outside in our lovely outdoor areas. 

To ensure we are doing the absolute maximum, we are using the Creating Active Schools Framework which has been designed to promote physical activity in schools.