Dance- Artsmark


DAZL socially distanced coaching

In June 2020, Amy from DAZL Dance delivered a coaching session to two groups of our key worker children. The children learned a variety of movements and linked these together to create a dance as a group!

Cheerleading Competition

Active Leeds Level 2 Event

15 children from Clapgate competed in the Active Leeds Cheerleading competition in March 2020. The group had been working hard with Harvey and Fallon from DAZL dance to create and learn a routine within our Cheerleading after school club.

The group performed amazingly on the day to receive Second place overall! Well done to our amazing cheerleaders!

DAZL Dance

PE Curriculum Provision

All Key Stage 2 classes have received coaching from DAZL dance who are a local dance club to the school. Pupils focused upon street dance and were introduced to a new dance by the DAZL coaches. Across the unit, pupils advanced their skills through developing the dance in groups- focusing upon various dance elements such as level, speed, pathway and formation change. 

At the end of the unit, all classes performed their final class dance to an audience!