Digital Arts- Artsmark

‘Children’s creative, expressive and physical development is closely linked with all aspects of their learning. They need enough experience of Art and Design in each school year to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings; and to develop their confidence in using media and

-Department for Education, National Curriculum. 

What is Digital Art?

Digital art and design is the use of Information and Communication Technologies in Art and Design.

Access to computers, mobile devices, scanners, digital cameras, printers, the internet,
 Virtual Reality (AR and VR) and fabrication technology such as 3D
printers and laser cutters can give pupils opportunities to express their ideas and be creative in new and exciting ways.

When using ICT in Art and Design, it is essential to consider why and how to use technology.

At Clapgate, we are ensuring that the children learn these skills in this ever growing technological world. The children have ample opportunities to learn these skills. Each key stage has a green screen, tripod and Ipad to movie make and create pictures. The children in Ks2 have access to a Digital Arts afterschool club where they movie make, create artistic pictures and use apps that improve their drawing techniques. 

Digital Art Club

Year 1  – Dinosaur Green Screen

In Year 1, the children were extremely lucky to take part in using a green screen. The children learnt about how important it is to make sure they follow clear instructions so that their mini movie clip would run smoothly. They had to pretend that they had seen a dinosaur and were extremely scared! The first step was that the children worked in small groups, standing on a green screen background, following instructions and being in character. 

Year 1 – Finished product 

The children then worked on turning their vision into reality! They were shown how to use an app to look like they were actually running away from a dinosaur in the jungle. As you can see… it was amazing.