Maths in Year 1!

Welcome to our extra activities page for Maths

The link below will take you to the White Rose Maths website for Year 1. This is closely linked with the work that we have been doing in our Maths No Problem lessons in school. Please go to Year 1, Week 1 and start from there!  

Please note-the workbooks that they refer to in the videos are not available to us, but there are questions and small activities within the videos that will help your child with their learning. Please also visit the link below to view the parent workbooks.

Autumn 1

During Autumn 1 we will be pracitising counting to 10. We will be comparing numbers thinking about which are more than or less than. 

We will be practising making these numbers in different ways, for example: 7 and 3 equals 10 but 5 and 5 also equals 10. 

We will be looking at addition and subtraction within 10. 

You can support your child at home by doing lots of counting and practising writing numbers. 


Throughout Key Stage 1 children will use Numbots to develop their Maths Fluency. 

Your child’s Numbots log in is the same details as their Purple Mash. 

Extra Activity…

Can you practice counting on and counting back in 1s? This will help you remember the patterns we see when counting and how tens and ones work.

Maths Challenge!

Here are some questions to make you think!