Other Subjects

On this page you will find lots of interesting learning ideas for you to do linked to the foundation subjects. 


Although it is important to keep everyone safe by staying inside, we still need to keep our bodies healthy. Can you create your own workout routine in the house?  How about putting on the radio and having a dance off? Or even slowing down and doing some yoga?

These websites are great for keeping moving:







In RE in Autumn 1 (September – October) we are learning about books that are special. 

Activity 1

Can you draw a book that is special to you and talk about why that book is special to you. 

Activity 2

Think about how we know the Bible is a special book for Christians. You could use the internet to do some research. Talk to your adult about how you know it is special. 

Activity 3

Think about how we know the Qur’an is a special book for Muslims. You can use the internet to do some research. Talk to your adults about what you find out. 

Activity 4

Talk to your adult about messages you can learn from special books. Some stories teach us how to be kind. Can you think of anything else we might have learnt from stories?

In RE in Autumn 2 (November – December) we are thinking about special celebrations and how we celebrate these. 

Activity 1

Have a think about celebrations that are special to  you. Draw a picture of you celebrating these and have a go at labelling them. 

Activity 2

One special celebration that some religions celebrate is Thanksgiving. Can you use the internet to research Thanksgiving and find out who celebrates it and why. Draw a picture and label what people might be giving thanks for.

Activity 3

Christians have a celebration named Harvest Festival. Have a look at this PowerPoint to learn all about the Harvest Festival and why it is important to Christians. 

Harvest Festival 

Now can you have a go at creating some items that might be donated at the Harvest Festival. You could draw, paint or collage. The more creative the better!

Activity 4

Muslims have a celebration named Eid. Have a look at this PowerPoint to find out more about Eid and how it is celebrated. 


Can you create a poster to show other people how Eid is celebrated? You might include that Muslims fast during this time, they eat after the sun goes down, the donate things to charity and they have a big family celebration. 

Activity 5

Have a think and chat to your adult about what you are thankful for. Can you write a list or draw pictures of some of the things you are thankful for?



We are thinking about local geography this half term. 

Activity 1

Talk to your adult about where we live. What country do we live in? What city? What town? Use the internet and have a look at different maps see if you can see our country, city and town. 

Activity 2

In Geography we think about human and physical features of our environments. Human features are something that exist in the world because humans have created them. Physical features are things that have happened naturally. Use the internet and have a look for some human and physical features around the world. Can you divide a piece of paper into two and draw human features on one half and physical features on the other half. 

Activity 3

Leeds has a lot of human and physical features. Can you look out of your window or go for a walk and talk to your adult about what you can see and whether it is human or physical? 




Activity 1

Can you draw a self portrait? Look closely at yourself in the mirror and try to draw your face as accurately as you can. 

Activity 2
Have a look out of your window and draw what you can see. 

Activity 3

Draw a family portrait. Look closely at the people and pets that live in your house and draw a picture of you and your family.  

Don’t forget to look at Pete McKees drawing workshops on YouTube and have a go at drawing different things. 
Activity 4
Have a look at the work by Andy Goldsworthy. Make art with nature – see what natural items you can find outside of your house or on a walk and get creative!
Activity 5
Why not go on a virtual tour of an Art gallery and learn about different artists?


Whilst we are at home and things are so different in the world at the minute it is important to take time to think about how we are feeling. Make sure you are taking time to relax and do something you enjoy. If you are missing your friends you can use Purple Mash to send them messages or look on the website for pictures of you and your friend making memories at school. It won’t be long before we are all back together!

Try some of these fun activities with your family:







We have been finding the pulse in our music lessons (in particular to hip-hop music). Try this body percussion video to find your rhythm!



Have a go at learning the words to your Mum and Dad’s favourite song(s). 


We are looking at Trade in Leeds. 

Activity 1

Can you remember what Middleton was famous for providing in the past? We have talked about it already but can you tell your grown up what it is. Remember to think about where it comes from and what it was used for. (We have looked at coal.)

Activity 2

Can you talk to different adults in your family and see what their memories of Middleton and Leeds are from when they were your age?

Activity 3

Look on the internet at pictures of Middleton 50 years ago and talk about how it has changed.