Year 1 Science


On this page you will find lots of interesting and exciting science activities for you to try at home.

Science Medium Term Plans

Below are our medium term plans for Science for each half term in Year 1.

The Human Body

Activity 1

Draw a picture of yourself and label all the parts of the body you can remember. 

Activity 2

Think about the different senses you have. Try and use them in different ways. Can you write your name with your eyes closed? Can your grown up hold a piece of fruit and you just have to guess what it is by smelling or touching it?

Activity 3

Go on a senses walk around your garden or house, think about what you notice with your different senses. Make a note of something you hear, see, smell, touch and taste.

Activity 4

Draw a picture of yourself and see if you can label more than 3 organs. Can you find out what their jobs are?


The Seasons

This half term we are exploring the difference between the four seasons. 

Activity 1

Can you name the four seasons and draw a picture of what a park might look like in each season?

Activity 2

Why don’t you go for a walk or explore your garden and gather leaves to make an Autumn picture? 

Activity 3

Talk to your adult at home about weather forecasts. What is the purpose behind a weather forecast? Can you keep a weather journal – recording the weather over 5 days. 

Weather Chart

Activity 4

How can we identify how much rain we get in one area? Using a rain catcher helps us to measure how much rain we get. Have a go at making your own rain catcher!

Rain Catcher Instructions

Activity 5

Go for an Autumn walk, explore your garden or look out of your window and make a list or talk to your adult about the autumnal things you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  You could even collect some things and create a scrapbook. 

Activity 6

Have a think about the seasons and how we might dress differently at different stages of the year. Can you draw a picture of you dressed for each season. Think about which seasons we might wear similar things. For example: In Autumn we might start wearing our coats but we also need our coats in Winter.