Other Subjects


Matisse was a French artist who created lots of art in different ways including painting and sculpture.  As he got older, Matisse started making collages like the one you can see above.

Matisse used scissors to cut out brightly coloured paper to make shapes, leaves, animals and flowers.  Then he arranged then in a collage.

Look at the video to find out more about his collages.

Can you use leaves from your garden or draw and cut out your own leaves to make a collage like the one in the picture below?

Draw a Minibeast

Follow the instructions in the video to help you draw a realistic minibeast.

Leaf Collage Animals

In your garden or on a walk can you collect some leaves and try and make them into an animal? How many different animals can you make?


Can you make your own shoe box vehicle?

Think carefully about the vehicle you want to make. What features does it have? Windows, doors, lights, wheels…

What can you use to make these with? Paper, card, milk bottle tops, felt tips, cotton reels…


Can you use the images below to help you to plan and design a healthy fruit salad?  

You could even have a go at making one – YOU MUST ASK A GROWN-UP FIRST.



Can you clap along to the beat of this song? Listen and try to join in with the clapping!


Can you clap along to the beat of this song? Listen and try to join in with the clapping!

How does this song make you feel? Can you draw a picture to show what this song is about and how it makes you feel?

Can you come up with a dance to the chorus of the song?


Friends are important to us.  Draw your friend and write 3 words to describe why they are a good friend to you.

The following link will take you to some Home Learning from our PSHE scheme of work.  There are some super stories and activities to have a go at.



Can you draw a picture of The Great Fire of London and write down all the facts you have learned so far?  You could even find some extra facts to add to the ones you already know.

Here are some questions to help you to think about what to write:

When and where did the fire start?

How  do we know about the Great Fire of London?

Why did the fire spread?

What did people do first?

How did the fire stop?

What were the results of the fire?

What happened after the fire?

Toys, Old and New

Pick your favourite modern toy.  

Draw a picture of it and label it with the answers to these questions:

What is it made from?

What colour is it?

How does it work?

Does it move?

Does it need batteries?

Why is it your favourite?




Have a look at the pictures below.  Can you name the new toys?  Do you know the names of the old toys?  

Draw one of the new toys and draw one of the old toys and write about how they are the same and how they are different.