Please complete the maths lessons on the Oak Academy:

If you have completed all your lessons, here are some extra links and activities to help you with maths at home:

Maths In Your Home

Maths is all around us! Why not have a go at baking. You can practise your maths through measuring and weighing the ingredients. You could even make up your own questions about what you would need if you made twice or half of the amount needed.

You could create your own shop and prices. Can you find out how much a few items would cost? Or maybe someone has given you too much money, can you work out the change.

White Rose Maths

This is a fantastic website as it has lots of videos to show you how to complete maths activities. There are also parent workbooks to support and guide you through. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the workbooks but there are activities on the videos to complete.

Times Tables and Number Fluency

Keep on ROCKING and LEARNING your:

2 x tables

5 x tables

10 x tables 

3 x tables 

4 x tables

8 x tables

Practise your addition and subtraction at home here! You can also learn lots of number patterns which will help you with all your year 3 work!