Forces and Magnets

In Autumn 1 our science topic is forces and magnets. We will be investigating the effect of different forces on different objects. We will look at how forces make objects move and change shape. 

You can find out more about forces on the BBC Bitesize website below:

Forces – pushes and pulls

You will find details of the activities the children will be completing below: 


We have discovered that friction is a force that can slow down or prevent an object from moving. Can you carry out your own experiment to investigate which surfaces provide the greatest amount of friction?

1. Set a smooth piece of wood or sturdy piece of cardboard on the edge of a pile of books or small table to create a ramp.

2. Measure the carpet, bubble wrap, and sandpaper so they fit on the ramp and are all the same size.

3. Send your car down the ramp using the different surfaces and measure how far your car has travelled.

Which surface do you think will provide the most/least friction?

Can you explain why?


We will be learning about magnets and how they work. Please watch the following clip for further information:

Magnets and their invisible force

Can you use a magnet to find out which objects it will attract?