Remember to visit the Oak Academy to complete your writing and spelling lessons. You can also have a look at some of the activities below.



The Write Stuff

For your extra activities below, we would like you to use the Write Stuff lenses. Have a look at the posters below and think about what you can use in each paragraph to make your writing amazing! Remember to plan what you are going to write first. Each day you could think of some amazing vocabulary and then write the paragraph. Below you can also see a reminder for the punctuation and spellings you should be using correctly. Don’t forget to check your punctuation!

The Forest

  1. Can you using exciting vocabulary to describe this forest? Think about the lenses we have been using in our writing to help you with your ideas.
  2. Write an adventure story about a journey through the forest.
  3. Find out about the types of animals that live in a forest and write a fact file about them.

The Dragon

  1. Can you write a setting description?
  2. Predict – what might happen next?
  3. What adjectives can you use to describe the dragon?

The Girl

  1. How is this girl feeling and how do you know?
  2. Can you think of three questions to ask?
  3. Predict how you think she got here?


Make sure that you keep practising your spellings at home. Below you can see the year 2 and 3 spelling lists. Choose 5 each week that you find tricky and practise these.

There are a number of ways you can practice:

  • Typing them
  • Chalk outside
  • Paint them
  • Write them really BIG or really small
  • Repeat them over and over
  • Bubble write them
  • Write them in sentences
  • Test your family and become a SPELLING MASTER!