“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.”

-Paul Halmos

Alongside National Oak Academy, you could try some other maths activities. Below is a link to maths website with useful lessons and videos. These are mainly in line with what we are currently doing in class. The videos reference a workbook which we do not have access to as a school, but there are activities in the videos for you to complete!

White Rose Maths

The site also has parent workbooks which have a range of different activities and answers!


If you are in Mrs Whitehead’s group for maths, then have a look at the Year 2 pages on the above links!

Keep up your times tables practice by going on Times Tables Rockstars!

If you are struggling with certain times tables, try using the methods we have used in class to practice them. You could use things like pasta or pebbles instead of counters.