Other Subjects




Here you will find activities to do on an afternoon linked to our foundation subjects. 



The brain will only work if we keep active! Try and find a space in the house and do some physical exercise! 

Below are some great websites that have some exciting activities.

Go Noodle

Joe Wicks

Cosmic Yoga 




  • In RE we will be looking at the faiths we have in our community and how different religions have different celebrations

Activity 1 

Write a set of instructions for how we would welcome a new person into our school community. 


Activity 2 

Research a place of worship in the local area. Write an information leaflet about it. 

  • How is the building used? How long has it been here? Who built it & why? 
  • What services are there and at what times?  
  • How do people in the community know what’s happening?  
  • What artefacts/symbols are used and why? 
Research the different festivals that this religion celebrates. 
  • Where do these traditions come from?
  • Are these traditions reflected in the place of worship?
  • Is light a key part of their festivals? How does this compare to other religions?



We are looking at Anglo Saxons.

Activity 1 

Make a timeline that shows the end of the Romans to Anglo-Saxon times.

Activity 2 

Create your own Anglo-Saxon shield.

Why did they use circular shapes?

Was there anything special about the wood they used?

Activity 3 

Research Anglo-Saxon trade and create your own trade board game!


Hand line design. 

Click on the link above. All you need is a pencil and some paper. If you want to add some colour at the end you can do too! I would love to see your finished results on the Facebook page or on purple mash where you can upload pictures to our blog! 

Unique art designs 

Above is a link that takes you to a video that shows you many different art designs. All of the things in this video you will be able to find in your house.


Above are some paintings by Henri Rousseau. Can you recreate your own picture and use a pet but more fierce? Maybe add sharp teeth and claws and set them in the jungle or on the African Planes!




At the moment a lot is going on and there is a lot of change. This is something that we some days may find hard.

Activity 1 

This lesson is something that I would like you to take part in to try and find a way to see the positive in everyday. Please go through the power point below and also watch some of the positive mind videos! There is also an activity to complete.

Think Positive!

Activity 2 

Your activity is to create a poem around the word “Happiness” 

This could be an acrostic poem or a poem where each line starts with Happiness is…. 

Activity 3 

Growth Mindset 

Watch this video and go through the activities. 

Activity 4 




Have a go at some games on the Language Angels website under Pupil Games Area!

Language Angels

You could also look on the BBC Bitesize website for French which has some useful videos.

BBC Bitesize