“The important thing is to never stop questioning.”

-Albert Einstein

This half term, we are looking at electricity in school. 

The power from the mains is very powerful and very dangerous! 

Here are 3 activities to have a go at!

Activity One

Think about the electrical items in your home. Make a list and organise them into items that use mains electricity (plugged in) and those that are battery powered. Why do you think they have different power sources?

Be careful with any item that is plugged in. The power from the mains is very powerful and very dangerous! 

Order the items from most to least important.

Activity Two

Bending water.

Get a plastic comb and a wooly jumper. Rub the comb with the jumper around 10 times. Put the comb next to a running tap but don’t let the water touch the comb. What happens to the water? It should bend around the comb! Why do you think this happens? Can you find other material this works with?

Activity Three

Charging up a bulb.

Like the above activity, run a comb through your hair or with the jumper. Put the comb on the metal end of a lightbulb in a dark room and see if it lights up. The filament should light up. Why do you think this happens? 


Here’s a video to 10 experiments that you could do at home! Try making predictions about what you think will happen before you start.

You could present your results in different ways, and share what happens on the purple mash blog!