“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.” – Beverley Cleary

The Write Stuff

Look at the poster below. Any writing that you do, make sure you include some of the lenses that are in each poster. 


These are all the words you need to be able to spell in year 4. 

You should practice them every week. There are a number of ways you could practise them:

  • Typing them 
  • Chalk 
  • Paint 
  • Write them forwards and backwards 
  • Write them really big or really small 
  • Repeat them over and over again
  • Bubble write them


You should be using beautiful handwriting across all of your subjects but if you feel you need to practise the link below is a great website that shows you how to do the joins. Take a look and practise for 10 minutes every day!  

Handwriting Join website 

Writing activities

Here are some extra activities. You can write them on a piece of paper or you can type them. It is up to you! 

Writing activity 1

Writing activity 2

Writing activity 3

Writing activity 4

Spelling, punctuation and grammar sheets