Year 6

Y6 Bubble Closure - July 2021

Unfortunately, we have had to close the Y6 bubbles and will therefore be teaching online over Microsoft Teams until the self-isolation period is over. Please see the table below for an outline of the next few days.


The projects can be accessed using the uploads and links below. Please get in touch with your child’s class teacher if you have any questions or concerns. Many of the projects may well take longer than the allotted time on our timetable. Children should feel free to continue a project. 

Teachers will be available through the chat function on Microsoft Teams and via email should you or your child need to contact their teacher for help or to answer any questions. We can’t wait to see the finished projects!


PSHE Project

You’ve almost reached the end of your time at Clapgate Primary School! 

In order to begin the transition to high school, complete the activities below. Choose just one or two to complete carefully.

We will share some of your work in our morning online lessons. We can’t wait to hear your responses to these activities.

Writing My Future – An Autobiography

The Most Likely To Awards

Selling Your School Leaflet Activity

Persuade Your Headteacher Letter Writing Plan

My Time at School Reflection Sheet

My Favourite Memory Recount

Letter to Your New Form Tutor Wrting Plan

Letter to Your Favourite Teacher Wrting Plan

Maths Project

For your maths project, you will be focusing on using statistics to present data.


Download the PDF below and work through the information, creating your own graphs to represent the data.

Different Families Maths Project

Science Project

This half term, we will be looking at Light. The project for the afternoon will be an opportunity for children to explore shadows and how they change due to the objects relationship to the light source. 
Follow the powerpoint provided and have a go at changing the size of the shadow of the object.
If you finish this, have a look at some of the shadow puppet work later in the presentation and think about how you could design and create your own shadow puppet or story. 

Making and Measuring Shadows


Art Project

For your art project, can you create your own digital art collection, inspired by David Hockney. 

Use the Tate website and our previous art lesson as inspiration and use the Tate paint website to create your own incredible pieces of digital art.

David Hockey Information

Tate Paint

DT Project

How could you reuse some of your rubbish? 

The Design Museum

Ever walked down the street and got some chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe? We throw away tonnes of chewing gum every single day and much of it ends up stuck to the street in little splodges.

Designer Anna Bullus wanted to find a solution to the problem of gum covered, sticky streets…. so she came up with a bin especially for old gum to be placed in. When thinking of a material to make the bin from she wanted to be environmentally friendly so she used old gum as a material.

Watch Anna tell you about the ‘Gumdrop’ bin. Then have a look at the things that you’re throwing out. What goes in your bin and what do you recycle? How could you reuse some of your rubbish?

Once you have seen the video, read through this plan and think of your own project.

How could you reuse


Y6 Home Learning Spring Term

Welcome to Year 6’s home learning page. Please see the below timetables for advice on how to structure your day if you are isolating at home. There is also a bubble closure timetable on this page. Both timetables include one reading, maths and writing lesson every weekday, with one or two other subjects, such as science or history. 

You can also access further learning through the Oak National Academy:

For further activities, including videos and games, on every area of the curriculum, please follow the link to Bitesize:

We can’t wait to see the wonderful work you complete as part of your home learning. Remember to take regular breaks and take some time to exercise each day.

All the best of luck from the whole Year 6 team. We look forward to seeing you in class again soon!

Miss Jessop, Miss Benson, Ms Stevens & Miss Aslam

Please remember to use your Purple Mash login on the website as it has loads more great home learning activities.

You can also go on to the school library website to look at books, write reviews and find other books.

Times Table Rock Stars is also great to practice your times tables.



Useful Planning For Your Adults…

Below you will find some planning that will support you with learning at home.


We are currently working on fractions. This includes adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with them as well as creating equivalent fractions using our knowledge of factors and multiples.

Here is a handy website to look at the whole year 6 math curriculum and examples of the work they will be producing.

The next aspect we will be working on is decimals. 

The Write Stuff

We are currently using ‘The Write Stuff’ approach in our writing lessons. This involves 3 stages of writing: 

  • The Initiate phase: where we gather language.
  • Model stage: where the teacher models a good sentence and what it will include.
  • Enable stage: Where children have a go at writing their own sentence.

Every sentence has a focus on one of the ideas below. It will either be one from each tier of the rainbow.

At home, you could look at this writing rainbow with your children and encourage them to be familiar with it and write using it. 


Although science is not taught everyday, it is a core subject and it is important that everyone studies science for a minimum of two hours every week. Please follow the links below to access the medium term plan for the appropriate topic. These are the overviews of what will be taught in class, however please do not feel you need to cover every aspect of these. This is just to give you an idea of the intended coverage.

MTP Science Autumn 1

MTP Science Autumn 2 

MTP Science Spring 1 

MTP Science Spring 2 MTP

MTP Science Summer 1 MTP 

MTP Science Summer 2 MTP 

The Science subpage below will have the learning that should be completed at home for the correct term. 

Lockdown Timetable from 6th January 2021

Weekly Timetable:







9.00 – 9.45






9.45 – 11.00






11.00 – 11.15






11.15 – 12.15






12.15 – 1.05






1.05 – 2.10






2.10 – 3.20









Self-directed with activity available on the school website.


Free time to eat and have a break from the screen!


Core subjects taught live via Teams



Home Learning Timetable (self-isolating)

If you are at home while your friends are at school, here is a suggested timetable for you to use or you may want to swap it around or use your own ideas.

We don’t want to cram too much in but we also don’t want to get too bored! 

Make use of what you have at home as well 🙂

9.00am-9:45 – Reading Lesson

10.00-11.00am- Maths Lesson

11.00-11.15am- Morning Break

11.15-12.15pm- Writing Lesson

12.15-1.15pm- Lunch Time. – Spend this time enjoying your dinner and chatting with your family 🙂 

1.15-2.15pm- Independent Learning Time. – This is your time to choose what lessons you would like to learn, using the links further below. 

2.15-3.15pm- A lesson for one of the foundation subjects. Please rotate this each day so that all of the subjects are taught over the week. Please find work for this lesson within the ‘other subjects’ tab below. 

DONT FORGET- The ‘PE with Joe Wicks’ videos on YouTube are a great way to break up a busy day of home learning!

Home Learning Timetable (bubble closure)

If at any point our class bubble has to close. This is the timetable that we will be following using Microsoft Teams. 

9.00am-10:00am- Reading Lesson

10:00 – 11:00 – Writing Lesson

11:00 – 11:15am – Break to switch meeting groups

11.15 – 12:15 – Maths No Problem Lesson

This will be the end of your live learning lessons. For your afternoon session please see example ideas below-

1.00-2.00pm- A lesson for one of the foundation subjects and science. Please rotate this each day so that all of the subjects are taught over the week. Please find work for this lesson within the ‘other subjects’ tab below. 

2.00-3.00pm- A lesson for one of the foundation subjects and science. Please rotate this each day so that all of the subjects are taught over the week. Please find work for this lesson within the ‘other subjects’ tab below. 

Please note –

There will be an opportunity  for you to call your teacher via Microsoft Teams if you have any queries or questions. 

The link below is a copy of our normal weekly timetable when in school.

In School Weekly Plan