“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” – J.K. Rowling


Book Talk:

Using our book talk layouts, can you answer three questions each day based on the book you are reading. You can also read newspaper articles or poetry and think about looking at a variety of lenses throughout the week. Try one lens from each row of the rainbow: the Fantastics, Stylistics and Analytics.

Here are some questions to support you:

How does the extract make you feel?
How is touch used in the extract?
What do you notice in the text?
How is action used in the text to move the text along?
How is speech used?

How is the main character portrayed in this story?
What is the setting of this extract?
What are the problems in this extract and how are they portrayed?
What are the relationships between the characters?
What is the layout/structure of the text?

How does the author use language in this story?
What’s your opinion of the author?
If you were to rate the extract what would you give it? Why?
What can you infer from the text?
What can you predict is going to happen next?
What language do you like in this text?

Reading Comprehension 

Here are some regular comprehension questions you can practice. There is a booklet you can work through at home as well as individual tets with questions and the chance to practice some 3 mark SATS style questions. 

Comprehension Booklet

A Monster Calls

World War II

Rainforest Myth Comprehension

History of Nintendo Comprehension

Puncture Reading Comprehension

Dodge and the Tornado – 3 mark answer practice

Jimmy and the Pharaoh – 3 marks answer practice

Evacuation – 3 mark answer practice

Favela Street Kid – 3 marls answer practice

Reading for Pleasure

Use this bingo sheet to read for fun in a variety of different ways. You could also get a picture of yourself reading in a funny/strange/unique/bizarre place and bring it in when you come back to school to add to your class reading display!