Interschool Competitions


U11 Football Team vs Middleton St Mary’s

Thursday 19th May

Our final fixture in the league was hosted  by Middleton St Mary’s and what a great game it was!

The first half was tense with lots of attempts on goal by both teams. Middleton St Mary’s got 2 goals but Clapgate stayed strong and continued battling. This ensured Jacob could have an attempt on goal and was successful making it 2-1 to Middleton St Mary’s.

The second half was exhilarating with goals galore taking place. 2 own goals, 1 aside led to it being 1-1. 

Jacob and Kaiden worked very well together in attack with Jacob sending the ball to Kaiden who struck the ball to make it 2-1 to Clapgate! The game continued to be very back and forth but Clapgate held their own, working together as a team and concentrating throughout. Ollie had an amazing attempt on goal and scored!! This made our final score 3-1! A fab result and well deserved.

A huge well done to our Y5/6 team. They have worked so hard all season- brilliant teamwork, remaining motivated and continuing to battle in every game!  

U11 Football Team vs Sharp Lane

Thursday 28th April

Our second fixture against Sharp Lane was played at home. The team were feeling confident and prepared- this showed in their performance. 

A goal from Ollie in the first half meant we went 1-0 up. Our first time to score first! Well done Ollie, a fab goal!

Across the game there was lots of great play- set corner pieces which had been rehearsed in practice worked well in the game and some great runs on the attack. Harry was consistently calm under pressure and prevented a number of goals. 

In the second half, a goal was scored by Sharp Lane to make it 1-1. A fair result for a very positive performance. The team’s hard work is paying off!

Man of the match- Harley- for his incredible workmanship throughout the game. Well done Harley!

U11 Football Team vs St Luke’s

Thursday 21st April

We visited St Luke’s in Beeston to play our fixture against the school. Our team was really positive and it showed- they worked brilliantly together and took on board the feedback from Mr Robins.

St Luke’s went ahead in the first half to make it 1-0. Jacob then pulled it back to level the score to 1-1! In the second half another goal was scored by St Luke’s to make it 2-2. 

Our team didn’t let their composure slip and remained calm under pressure. A number of opportunities with some great attempts on goal by Clapgate. As the second half continued, it remained 2-1. CJ then saw a chance- struck the ball with a volley to score top corner! Great celebrations- it was 2-2 and the game finished at this score. 

All team members played brilliantly and we can see their performances strengthening every game. CJ was chosen as man of the match- well deserved! 

U11 Football Team vs St Phillips

Thursday 24th March

St Phillips visited us again for our second fixture in the league. Our Clapgate team had had some fantastic training sessions with Mr Robins and felt prepared for the fixture at home on our newly improved pitch. 

St Phillips went ahead to begin with, scoring one goal in the first half. followed by another at the start of the second half. Our team stayed strong though and heads stayed up. They worked together, kept their structure and remained focused. This paid off, Jacob saw an opportunity at goal and went for it- scoring the first goal!! This boosted the team and there was some incredible communication to allow for strong passing and play on the ball. Kaiden had an amazing attempt at goal but it went over the top bar. A second goal was in the air and Jacob sealed the deal, scoring his second of the game!! Harry was fantastic in goal and remained calm under pressure and saved any further attempts St Phillips had. Jing was strong in defence, even taking a ball directly in the face and carrying on playing! 

This was an amazing fixture and finished 2-2. Our best result yet and all thanks to our incredible team of children! They worked hard and stayed focused all game. Thank you to Mr Robins, Mr Queeley and Mr Cockroft for work with the team. Well done to the team and special mention to Jacob- player of the match!

U11 Football Team vs Sharp Lane

Thursday 10th March

Our Year 5/6 Football team had a great game away at Sharp Lane. Sharp Lane went ahead to begin with scoring 2 goals. We then had a number of chances and remained calm and efficient in defence. Billy scored from a corner with a fantastic header! Sharp Lane scored again but Clapgate remained calm and successfully made the most of another attack with Billy scoring a second goal!

The game finished 4-2 to Sharp Lane. Our team played extremely well together and kept their heads up throughout. This was our most positive fixture yet and we are very proud of the team- well done! Special mention to Billy for scoring both goals and to our Player of the Match- Harry W for his amazing goalkeeping!

Thank you to those children and family members who came to watch.

Year 5/6 Dodgeball

Tuesday 15th February

Seven Year 5 and seven Year 6 children attended the Active Leeds Dodgeball competition at Royds School. The teams played 5 games each against other schools and against one another!

The teams showed off their throwing, catching, dodging and exceptional teamwork skills. Children were honest and showed determination throughout. All team members said they had a great time! Well done to everyone!

U11 Football Team vs St Anthony’s

Thursday 10th February

Our Y5/6 Football team played brilliantly in their second fixture against a very strong St Anthony’s side. Clapgate worked well together, were confident on the ball and made some fantastic interceptions. A shout out to Harry who stayed calm under pressure in goal. At half time, it was 1-0 to St Anthony’s. 

During the second half, Clapgate continued to show great teamwork and had some good attempts on goal. Despite some exceptional defending, St Anthony’s managed to score a number of goals. The game finished 6-0 to St Anthony’s. 

Well done to our team who stayed level headed and continued to work hard for the whole game. More fixtures to come soon!

U11 Football Team vs St Phillips

Thursday 27th January

Our Y5/6 Football team had their first fixture on Thursday 27th January at home. This was against St Phillips Catholic Primary. The team played exceptionally well with brilliant teamwork, passing and confident travelling forward with the ball.

St Phillips were a strong team and led 1-0 at half time. We had two amazing attempts on goal but unfortunately no goals scored. St Phillips scored 2 in the 2nd half meaning it was a 3-0 win to St Phillips.

A huge well done to our Y5/6 team- they were a credit to the school and played fantastically. 

Year 5 Ice Skating

Friday 21st January

12 Year 5 children attended the Active Leeds Come and Try Ice Skating event at Planet Ice. During the event, children learnt a variety of skills including building their confidence on the ice and trying different styles of skating. The children had a great time trying something different and did Clapgate proud