Developing each child’s interconnected maths universe.


                                                                                                TUTOR – an online maths platform.

This year, all of our pupils from Year 1 up to Year 6 have access to an online maths platform called Complete Maths TUTOR. 

This is an excellent programme used to improve children’s maths knowledge and understanding through a course of lessons and activities that specifically target each child’s individual needs. 

This means that the course that is offered to each child is bespoke; it identifies the areas of need and gaps in children’s maths knowledge and teaches them exactly what they need to know in order to move to the next piece of learning. 

Children have one maths lesson per week in school when they access the programme individually on a laptop, working through a mixture of teaching videos, worked examples and quizzes.  Some children who have maths interventions use TUTOR in some of their sessions too. 

The children have responded to TUTOR with positivity and enthusiasm.  They can see how their learning is developing through observing their ‘maths universe’ expanding and deepening.  They have increased their independence and their sense of responsibility for their own learning as a result.

In addition to this, teachers have access to an analytics panel so that they can see each child’s journey through the courses and goals.  They can choose to set a specific course to support the children in a particular area of maths or they use the information to inform their planning of the main maths lesson. 

Maths Universe

 For more information about the Maths Universe this video is especially useful:

Complete Mathematics Map – YouTube

Parent Information 

For further information about TUTOR, click on the following link:

For Parents of TUTOR Schools (completemaths.com)