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Music At Clapagte

“Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand.” – Stevie Wonder

Children at Clapgate are given high-quality music teaching that encourages them to express themselves through the medium of music and help them develop a love and appreciation of music and the wider creative curriculum.

We understand the importance music can have for enriching children’s lives and education. Supported and delivered by enthusiastic school staff and visiting specialists, children at Clapgate are introduced to a variety of opportunities to develop their musical awareness and ability. Through interactive and engaging music lessons, we encourage a love and understanding of a wide range of music genres and traditions.

Our children love their music lessons each week.

In partnership with Leeds City Council’s Artforms and the use of the music scheme Charanga, we have designed a long-term plan with high quality musical opportunities that encourage listening, singing, playing instruments, performing and composing to encourage and develop musical creativity and freedom. Instrumental tuition including recorders, ukuleles, steel pans, boomwhackers, chime bars, ocarinas, keyboards and guitars give children a wide range of opportunities to develop previous learning and understand musical notation and terminology.

Children at Clapgate understand music can help them share and express their emotions, improve their concentration, allow them to try something new and develop their confidence.


Each week we get together and learn a range of songs and then perform one for family and friends during our Friday celebration assembly. Below are just two of our favourites. Keep checking on here to see these songs change.
We are very lucky to have a range of instrumental tuition across key stages, including steel pans, ukuleles, ocarinas, recorders, boomwhackers, keyboards and guitars in school, delivered by both specialist music teachers from Artforms and some of our own outstanding teachers, sharing their own musical abilities, knowledge and passion.
This is our year 3 classes enjoying one of their weekly ukulele lessons.
We love singing a range of songs, but we have to prepare correctly to sing them. Here is class 2SM warming up their faces to sing a song on Charanga, our music curriculum scheme.