Play Leaders

Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders are children from Year 5 and 6 who have taken on a big responsibility during our lunchtimes.

Children who are interested in the role apply to become a Play Leader in a similar way to applying for a job- stating what qualities they think a good leader needs, sharing their game ideas and saying how they would thrive in the role. 

Once successful, our Play Leaders are timetabled to be on duty 2 to 3 lunchtimes a week. When on duty, the Leaders organise and run a variety of games for the other children to participate in. These games take place within set zones on our playgrounds- 1 zone in the Key Stage One playground and 2 zones in the Key Stage Two playground. 


The Play Leaders receive training to feel confident in delivering a range of games including dodgeball, banana tig, foxes and farmers plus many others! Equipment boxes are provided for our Play Leaders to use to help support their sessions. 

Our Play Leaders are proud to take on the role and do a fantastic job. It allows for children to participate in enjoyable and structured games as well as providing additional physical activity opportunities during our lunchtimes. 

Due to restrictions in school, our Play Leaders system is not currently taking place. However, we hope for it to return in the near future.