School Radio

On this page you will find out about our new school radio initiative and the links to listen to each episode when they are available.

Clapgate Radio Show

Commencing in 2019 and following suggestions from children across the school, we teamed up with South Leeds Radio to develop our own radio show.

A group of 6 children were chosen to represent the school and given the task of putting together a full 30 minute radio show.

This included a lot of planning, deciding what to include, who to interview and what we wanted to share to the world about Clapgate. The children’s ideas far exceeded a 30 minute show so a plan was drawn up for a series of shows.

Below is a link to the first ever radio show that was recorded, put together and edited solely by the children on this page.

Sadly, due to the current world situation, the radio show was put on hold but we are in the process of starting it back up again in a safe way.

We would like to thanks the people from South Leeds Radio for their help in teaching the children how to use editing software, how to use recording equipment across school and for allowing us to use their recording studio.

We hope to be back on the airwaves real soon.

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Clapgate Radio Show – Episode 1 (2020)

Clapgate Radio Show – Episode 2 (July 2021)

At the start of May 2021, we invited children from year 5 to apply for positions on the radio show. Following a large pile of outstanding application forms, six children were chosen and as a team they decided what their first radio show would like to contain, focusing on the outdoor area at Clapgate. The show below is the culmination of their own ideas, thoughts and hard work, working fantastically together as a team. We hope you learn something new about the school and enjoy the show.


Clapgate Radio Show - Episode 3 (October 2021)
Halloween Special