Mr Robins’ Maths Page

Welcome to our maths page, jam packed full of website links and activities to keep your counting, subtracting and number skills ticking over while you are at home.

During our first term of maths, we are concentrating on understanding the value of each digit in numbers up to 10,000, how to order and compare them and how to add and subtract numbers, including carrying and borrowing from our neighbouring columns.

The weekly home learning on the White Rose website has super videos.  Unfortunately, the workbooks they refer to aren’t available to us, but the children will still learn lots from answering the questions and listening to the teaching. We are following the year 4 curriculum so the link is below but if you find this tricky or too easy, you can click on the year below or above.

You can start at week 1 and work your way through:

Other activities:

There are some other activities and ideas on the Oxford Owl website, with videos and links to related online activities.


Your child could play on the following online games.  As mentioned, Year 4 maths works with numbers up to 10,000, so select these options where possible but find games suitable for your child’s own level:

Below are some subtraction calculations and addition and subtraction word problems for you to solve. Remember to use all the different methods we have used in class to help you.

2 digit subtraction

2 digit subtraction sheet 2

3 digit subtraction sheet 1

3 digit subtraction sheet 2

4 digit subtraction sheet 1

4 digit subtraction sheet 2

addition and subtraction word problems 2 digit

addition and subtraction word problems 3 digit