Mr Robins’ Writing Page

Welcome to our writing page. Here, you will find some activities to do related to the work we are doing in school.

I would like you to make and create a poster all about the Antarctic. We have been learning about Emperor Penguins and where they live – Antarctica. Look at the following images to learn some new information. Jot down any fascinating facts you learn while reading them – you can use them on your information poster.

Now you have looked at all the information above, I want you to think about your information poster about The Antarctic. What are you going to include? What have you learnt? 

Tell the reader about the climate (the weather), the wildlife that lives there, where it is and any other interesting facts you have found out. If you can find out anymore information by looking online that would be fantastic too – but make your information poster really exciting so the reader learns a lot of facts. See if you can teach someone else about The Antarctic.

This should take you 2 or 3 days to decide what information you want to include and then how you want your poster to look. You may want to plan your poster before doing a neat version.

Remember to include:

A title

Pictures with labels

Fascinating facts


Things you have learnt in school.

Capital letters and full stops for complete sentences.

We have learnt about Emperor Penguins in class, but these are not the only animals that live in the Antarctic. Click the link below to learn about some more animals. I would then like you to choose 1 of the animals to write some information sentence about. Click the 2nd link for some examples of what you may want to include.

Remember to use lots of adjectives to describe them and their habitats. 

An Antarctic Story

Would you like to visit the Antarctic? Yes? No? Maybe?

I would like you to write me a story based in the Antarctic. You can write it about someone or about yourself. 

Decide on the characters in your story. Why are they going there? How do they get there? Who do they go with? What happens? How do they get home?

Remember to include vocabulary and features that you already know about Antarctica like the freezing weather, penguins and what they do and how they survive and the storms in winter.

This is your story – you can make it whatever you want.

Remember a story always need a beginning, a middle and an ending – AND – make it exciting for me to read.

Imagine you are an Emperor Penguin – the one above in the picture. 

I want you to write a diary entry as a penguin. This may last 1 or 2 days. 

If you are a male penguin, what do you do all day? Are you looking after an egg? What happens when it turns to night time and the storm appears? How do you feel? Are you worried? Do you go for a walk to see any other penguins?

If you are a female emperor penguin, what do you do? Have you laid your egg and have you set off to the ocean? How do you feel about leaving your new egg? What happens on the way? How do you feel when you get back and see your chick?

Use your imagination to write a diary entry as a penguin. Remember to write in the 1st person (I, my) because you are telling me what happens to you. 

Emperor Penguins – Dynasties.

The link below takes you to the BBC video we have been using in class, Emperor Penguins Dynasties. Feel free to watch this and write some sentences about what happens to the penguins.

Below are three poems about penguins.

Can you write your own penguin poem? 

Look at these for examples. You may want to use one and use better words like we do in class. 

You may want to write an acrostic poem using the letters








You could write a line starting with each letter.

Remember to use lots of amazing vocabulary and words.