Our Governing Body

Our governing body is a highly skilled, experienced group of people – including parents and representatives from the local community – with a wide range of expertise from education to communications, to human resources, to business.

Clapgate Primary School’s Governing Body consists of thirteen Governors and the Headteacher. The Governing Body are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a high quality education. It provides strategic management and is involved in setting the school’s aims and policies. 


Core functions of the governing body:

·     Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

·     Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

·     Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent

Please see the attached document below for more information about our governing body.
Here you will also find governor contact details and terms of office.  

Clapgate’s Governing Body

Natasha Singleton – Headteacher

Subcommittees–  Teaching and Learning/ Pupil Support and Resources 

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I have been passionate about teaching for as long as I can remember.  I have worked since 1992 in schools in London, Brighton and across different areas of Leeds.  I arrived at Clapgate in 2014 on a secondment.  This secondment turned into a permanent position as Assistant Head, then Deputy Head, then Head of School, followed by my permanent appointment as Headteacher in 2019. 

I am very proud of our school and the position we are in.  Clapgate is a unique place with wonderful children and highly skilled, positive and creative staff.  I am determined to continue improving the school and am committed to creating an environment where all our children thrive, discover their talents, are happy and motivated, and achieve their potential. 

Beth Mokrini- Co-opted Governor – Chair of Governors

Subcommittees–  Teaching and Learning/ Pupil Support and Resources

Linked Governor Responsibilities – Attendance and Complaint Procedures

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Coming from a family of teachers, I’ve always been passionate about Education. I spent a year teaching as part of my undergraduate degree, and then studied Teaching English as Foreign Language, before stumbling across a brilliant company called Arbor Education, where I’ve worked since 2017. 
I manage partnerships at Arbor, working with companies and Local Authorities across the UK to help schools make better use of technology, save staff time and improve student outcomes.
I’m excited to offer my time, skills and experience to support Clapgate Primary School to build on its impressive progress over the last few years. 
In my spare time, I play the piano (badly), sing (enthusiastically) and I’m studying for an MBA. 

Dave Bache – Co-opted Governor  

Subcommittees–  Teaching and Learning/ Pupil Support 

Linked Governor Responsibilities – Literacy, Early Reading and Phonics

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I am really pleased to be invited to join Clapgate as a Governor. I have a background that includes working as a community artist, teaching in secondary and primary schools in  Yorkshire and supporting schools through being a consultant and adviser. I have recently been working with families in Leeds to enable  their children to thrive and do well. 

I am passionate about supporting all children to be the best they can be through supporting all the professionals who work with them to be the best they can be. 


Paul Truswell- Local Authority Governor 

Subcommittees– Resources

Linked Governor Responsibilities -Pupil Well-being (inc Sports Premium & Outdoor Learning)


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As someone from a council estate background, I have always recognised the personal debt I owe to attending an excellent local primary school with high quality staff. I have served as a School Governor at various times over the last 35 years and, based on my own experience, have always striven to support schools in providing young people with the best possible foundation to their education and lives. 

I believe I have played a part in helping Clapgate to move from being a school with many serious weaknesses and low expectations of pupils when I first joined the Governing Body to being the highly respected and popular school that it is today.

As a City Councillor, I have extensive experience of working with local people and the community, steering projects, understanding finance and other performance information, holding officers to account and chairing meetings.

In previous employment roles, I have senior experience of managing professional teams and budgets.

As a parent, both of my sons have been through the local education system. That experience once again demonstrated the huge difference a primary school can make to young people, especially those struggling with their learning.

Peter Olver – Partnership Governor 

Subcommittees– Resources 

Linked Governor Responsibilities -Finance (inc Pupil Premium and Catch Up)

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I work for Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation as Head of Governance and Finance and would very much welcome the opportunity to bring whatever financial and other skills I have, to help Clapgate School where I can. 

I have experience in working in the education and charity sectors and of voluntary work and would love to be able to contribute to the Clapgate Family, in striving to provide the best provision possible for its pupils. 

Martin Brennan – Partnership Governor 

Subcommittees-  Teaching and Learning/ Pupil Support 

Linked Governor Responsibilities -The Arts

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I am delighted to be on the governing board for Clapgate Primary. I currently manage the Community Centre next door to the school where we engage local residents in a wide range of activities that spark their passions whilst facilitating their interests and skills. We aim to be a mainstay within this proud South Leeds community meeting unmet needs, and playing a pivotal role in community engagement through what we can offer. The link with Clapgate is flourishing into a thriving partnership with benefits for the wider community. I have always had a passion for equality and realising potential within our young people and I’m delighted that Clapgate is leading the way in this respect.

I have lived in South Leeds for many years. I have a passion for music and song writing and I am part of a local folk music duo. 

Sadie Procter – Co-opted Governor 

Subcommittees- Teaching and Learning/ Pupil Support

Linked Governor Responsibilities -Governor Development (Training and Support)

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I have been teaching at Clapgate for the past six years. I have loved every minute of been part of the Clapgate team and I am immensely proud of our achievements as a school. I have a passion to encourage a love for learning in young children and I strive to unlock each child’s full learning potential, whilst helping them to blossom into well rounded individuals. I decided to become a staff governor 5 years ago as I wanted to gain an insight into the wider running of the school and to understand how an effective governing body is structured and run. 

Lydia Jessop – Staff Governor

Subcommittees- Teaching and Learning/ Pupil Support

Linked Governor Responsibilities -EYFS and Website Audits

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I understand that the role of school governor is crucial to the strategic development of Clapgate and I am excited to have a real impact on all pupils, enabling them to achieve their full potential.   

As a KS2 teacher and previous leader of RE, geography and science, I have appreciated the chance to enable pupils to make rapid progress in line with the National Curriculum. I am currently leading the whole school in the implementation of The Write Stuff to support our writing teaching.  

 I am passionate about leading change for improvement in a diverse system and have relished the roles I have been fortunate enough to experience thus far. I honestly believe that every child, regardless of their socio-economic background or any other challenges they may face outside of school, should have every chance to succeed through high-quality teaching and exciting experiences that inspire them to challenge themselves so they achieve their full potential. It is this that motivates me and consequently means I will always be reflecting on how I can be a better teacher and leader.  

Ellen Griffiths – Co-opted Governor

Subcommittees- Teaching and Learning/ Pupil Support

Linked Governor Responsibilities – Safeguarding, Child Protection and LAC

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My love for learning and education has been present for as long as I can remember. Similarly, I strongly believe in equality of opportunity for all young people. My work managing an IntoUniversity learning centre in Beeston combines these two things. It has also given me the experience of working with the South Leeds community, project management and developing educational resources.

I am excited to join the Clapgate community and support the school in continuing their amazing work helping each and every student achieve their potential.

Vikki Kirkland – Parent Governor

Subcommittees- Resources

Linked Governor Responsibilities – 

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My name is Victoria Kirkland, I currently have a daughter in Year 5 at Clapgate
school. I have a keen interest in the welfare of the children and parents and the
running of the school. My experience working in a busy hospital setting means
I am organised and work professionally. As part of my role I am required to
have knowledge in clinical governance, safeguarding and child protection. I
undertake annual updates in these areas to ensure my knowledge is relevant
and up to date. I work within a multi-disciplinary team which means I work
autonomously and with confidentially at all times. I feel like I would be an asset
to the school as I will work as an advocate and voice for parents and pupils to
express their views and beliefs. I will always try to act fairly and be nonjudgemental when making any decisions.
I have lived in the local area for many years and I am extremely committed and
passionate about the school and ensuring it succeeds.

Karen Duckenfield – Parent Governor

Subcommittees- Teaching and Learning/ Pupil Support

Linked Governor Responsibilities – 

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I am completely new to the role of Parent Governor but have chosen to put
myself forward after my daughter joined the school in late 2020. I am very
much looking forward to learning about the school, the parent governor role,
and the work of the governing board.
Being a parent has taught the importance of advocating for our children. I
therefore hope this valuable role will give me the opportunity to contribute to
the excellent work already being facilitated by the school team to support and
nurture our children in both their education and their personal social life skills
and emotional wellbeing.
Having relocated to Leeds in 2020 and taken a break from my career to support
the needs of my family. I now have the time and aspiration to get involved in
something new. Previously I have been a family law paralegal, working with all
ethnic families and local authorities. As such, I have considerable experience
in working with professionals and schools which I hope will enable me to
actively participate and add value to those relevant aspects of the governing