Special Education Needs & Disabilities 

SEND At Clapgate

Every child can learn, and every child deserves the opportunity to reach their potential. At Clapgate, we recognise that not all children learn in the same way, and we are committed to removing barriers to learning to ensure that everybody is included.

For some children, specialist support is needed. We strive to meet any child’s special educational needs wherever possible and offer a wide range of resources and provision, including a Speech and Language Therapist who works with us for one day per week.

Our staff are skilled in identifying children who require additional support and work closely with the SENDCo to devise appropriate plans to secure progress. We work with several outside agencies to provide specialist support for children with more significant needs.

Our work with children with SEND is led by Mrs Victoria Woodhouse who can be contacted by calling the school office – 0113 2716700 or via email: office@clapgateprimaryschool.org.



SEND Policy and 

Information Report

Clapgate Primary School SEND Information Report and Policy 2021-2022

Our SEND Policy and Information Report details how we support and make provision for children with Special Educational Needs and explains the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in providing for children with SEND. 



Accessibility plan 2020

Our Accessibility Plan sets out how we plan to increase the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the curriculum, improve the physical environment and accessibility of information to ensure all stakeholders can take advantage of the education, benefits, facilities and services provided.