What’s New At Clapgate?

Please see below for all of the new and exciting things that are happening at Clapgate!

The Solar Dome

We have recently had our new Solar Dome installed and the children are extremely excited to start lessons inside!

The PTA have worked hard alongside Miss Taylor to raise funds for the Solar Dome. This is an innovative new indoor space, outside. We have hosted a range of events, including a Christmas Extravaganza and Halloween Disco to raise money and have also looked to local nature grants to support our project. 

The Solar Dome is now installed and ready for lessons. Each term our Subject Leaders will be taking ownership of the space, theming it around a particular subject and ensuring it is a space where new skills can be learnt. First up is a scientific space, where children can develop their thinking scientifically skills and have a go at a range on enquiries inside.

The Solar Dome is also a fantastic space for circle time, story time and music lessons and we can’t wait to hear what the children have to say about it.



The Yorkshire Evening Post

Headline- Pedro and Pablo go top of the class at Clapgate Primary as school goats help pupils after lockdown!

We are proud the share the fantastic article below featured the in Yorkshire Evening Post outlining our exceptional opportunities for outdoor learning at Clapgate. 

‘A school in Belle Isle is taking its learning outside as it returns after lockdown – with the help of two furry classmates.’


The Glade

Here is our new school library- The Glade!

At Clapgate we are hugely passionate about reading and we are keen to inspire a love for reading in all our children. We have developed a fantastic new library space with the theme of outdoors, indoors. It is a lovely, vibrant space where the children can settle down with a good book. They can climb up to our tree house and settle down with a book or sit underneath the stars with their favourite comic. 

We have lots of funky lighting to create a woodland atmosphere and lots of inspiring quotes on the walls. We have made the space cosy and snug with lots of beanbags, stools, cushions and blankets for the children to use whilst enjoying the space. 

How lucky we are at Clapgate to have such a fantastic space!

Our Pygmy Goats

We would like you to meet our new school goats Pedro and Pablo!

We have recently picked up our Pygmy Goats from a Goat Farm in Harrogate. We asked all the children for ideas and have decided to name the white one Pablo (suggestion from Reception) and the brown one Pedro (suggestion from 4EB). Looking after the goats will become part of the school routine. Each class will take it in turns for a week to take on the responsibility of caring for them. This will encourage all our children to learn about caring for animals and the responsibility that goes with it.
Miss Taylor will be running an animal care club after school on Tuesday nights, where the children will learn more about caring for the goats, including feeding, brushing and cleaning them out. We will also be advertising for Goat Keepers to be responsible for overseeing their care. The children will complete an application form to apply for these roles.

The Spectacular Space Corridor

We are proud to announce the completion of our new space corridor in school.

This is our first interactive corridor in school. We chose the theme of space as we know how keen our children are to find out more about our universe. This is a brilliant opportunity for our children to explore independently.
The space corridor has a wide range of books, a projector showing interesting films about space and Alexa is on hand to answer any of the children’s questions. It also plays space themed music and has a range of different light settings. It is a brilliant addition to our school!