“For some children, early exposure to coding will open doors they never knew existed”

 – August Deshais 

Computing at Clapgate 

At Clapgate Primary School we are fortunate enough to have a wide range of technology for the children to use. We have laptops, computers and Ipads. Pupils at Clapgate will experience high quality computing lessons that will provide them with the skills they need to progress through life. We ensure that technology is not just limited to computing lessons and that it is used cross curricular such as digital maps, creating music and film making. It is evident that technology is becoming a large part of our daily lives.

At Clapgate, we understand that by delivering engaging and exciting lessons, this will inspire the children to become technologically minded. The teachers are well trained in delivering computing lessons and are given a wide range of resources to meet the needs of all children. Regardless of the children’s academic ability, all children will feel included during our computing lessons and will be given ample opportunity to share their knowledge throughout the year.

Pupils at Clapgate know that their computing lessons are about problem solving, team work and fixing bugs. They understand that a lesson may require many steps to achieve a final outcome and that it is is important that all steps are carried out accurately to meet the objective.

We currently use a scheme of work called Purple Mash. This gives the children access at home and at school. The children love to use this website and have becoming increasingly confident with their computing skills.

Click on the link below for access to the Purple Mash log in page!

Overview of Subject Approach 

Please see the document below which clearly outlines our computing approach teaching at Clapgate. 

Computing at Clapgate Overview

Learner Profile

Here you will find our subject learner profile for computing. 

Learner Profile computing