“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”. 

– Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple, inc.

                    Design and Technology at Clapgate  

At Clapgate the children carry out a Design and Technology project each term, thus covering 3 projects throughout the school year. This allows the children time to research, plan, design, make and evaluate their products over time. The key areas of the Design and Technology curriculum are: mechanisms, structures, food, textiles, mechanical systems and electrical systems. At every opportunity the children are encouraged to create functional products with users and purpose in mind. We offer cross-curricular links to other National Curriculum subjects and foster an iterative process. We endeavour to create designers of the future and want our children to move on to secondary school with a strong Design and Technology skills set and knowledge.

Overview of Subject Approach 

Please see the document below which clearly outlines our approach to Design and Technology.

Design Technology at Clapgate Overview

Learner Profile

Here you will find our subject learner profile for Design and Technology.

Learner Profile – DT

Long Term Plan

Please see the document below which clearly outlines our approach to teaching Design and Technology.


Progression Grids

Below you will find our skills progression grids for Design and Technology.

D.T. – Year group progression grids

Additional Information




Useful Links

http://www.data.org.uk – information and ideas for design technology and projects on a page.

http://www.stem.org.uk – great ideas for design and technology

http://www.gov.uk   – national curriculum for design technology KS1 and KS2