Our Learner Profile 

The Clapgate Learner Profile

Our learner profile sets out the skills and values that we want our children to experience and develop as they go through school. 

At Clapgate we research, debate, and share the best ways to engage, motivate and inspire our children, and consider different teaching approaches to help children develop the behaviours and attitudes encapsulated in our golden threads.

Central to our decisions about our curriculum and our approach are these five key words that form the basis of our learner profile. Our golden threads clearly set out the skills and values that we want our children experience and build on as they move through school.

Please enjoy the video below which was used to launch our ‘golden threads’ throughout school. 

Our subject learner profiles and topic learner profiles identify how our curriculum and our approach encourage children to develop these through each individual subject and topic.

Please find these located in the individual subjects tabs under the ‘Approach’ section of the website.


We will nurture children’s ability to think and express their
ideas creatively and imaginatively across different subjects,
seeking solutions to problems, exploring ways to tackle questions and having their own ideas. We will also harness children’s ability to revel in a world of imagination.

Independent thinker / Explorer / Link maker / Flexible / Playful /
Enterprising / Individual / Proud / Adventurous / Passionate


We will teach and provide experiences and opportunities across
a broad range of subjects as well as using strategies to help learning ‘stick’. We will encourage children to ask questions and develop a thirst for knowledge. Our children will gradually know more, remember more and do more with their knowledge. They will engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance.

Enquirer / Lifelong learner / Critical thinker / Questioner / Curious
Applies and uses / Recalls


Through well-informed and high quality, engaging teaching, children will be excited to learn and determined to achieve goals and targets set for them and by them. They will see opportunities to further their learning both when they are successful and when they get things wrong (marvellous mistakes). They are not afraid to take risks, and a ‘can do’ and ‘can’t do yet’ approach will always be celebrated.

Independent / Ambitious / Risk taking / Self-disciplined / Perseverant / High aspirations / Strength / Self-belief / Self-esteem


We hold strong the values of respect and responsibility and have these at the core of our ethos. Learners will show empathy, understanding, care and compassion and they will act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the diverse world around them.

Honest / Tolerant / Open-minded / Fair / Inclusive /
Principled / Kind / Appreciative / Global citizens


We will provide a range of opportunities for speaking and listening and for developing communication skills, language skills and vocabulary. Learners will formulate arguments and opinions and express themselves confidently and creatively in many ways. They will collaborate effectively, listening carefully to the perspectives of other individuals and groups.

Orator / Listener / Presenter / Debater / Articulate / Confident / Sense of humour / Works with others