Our Approach

“As a result of teachers’ lively presentation and delivery of learning, pupils’ attitudes towards their learning are terrific. Pupils are very engaged and keen to do the right thing; they listen well and are keen to contribute”.

Ofsted, 2019.

The Clapgate Approach 

At Clapgate we research, debate and share the best ways to engage, motivate and inspire our children, and consider different teaching approaches to help children develop the skills and attitudes encapsulated in our mission and values.

These are some of the things we believe in at our school:

• A strong emphasis on the creative arts and on a creative approach to learning
• Constant opportunities for children to think independently, express their opinions, develop their own style, develop personal passions and take risks
• Children being encouraged to practise, repeat, reflect, accept constructive criticism, improve and know that they can learn from their “marvellous mistakes”
• High challenge, effortful learning
• Constant opportunities to debate, peer assess, peer teach, take on leadership roles, present in a group, collaborate
• A strong emphasis on pupil voice, oracy and vocabulary development
• The power of stories, drama and real-life experiences to develop empathy
• Rich opportunities to learn about the views and lives of others, reflect on their own beliefs and those of others, develop tolerance and understanding, and explore British values
• Innovative approaches to hook children into learning
• Varied opportunities to conduct research, interpret, reason, enquire and make links across different areas of learning

Our approach is very successful.
Children thrive at Clapgate and we really do inspire young minds!