Year 2 History

Year 2 – The Great Fire of London Project Overview In Year 2, this term, we have had a wonderful time learning all about the

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Year 2 – Science

Year 2 – Animals and their offspring Project Overview In Year 2 this half term, we have been learning all about the growth of animals,

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Year 4 History

Year 4 Anglo Saxons Project Overview In year 4, we have been learning all about the Anglo Saxons. The children previously learned about the Romans

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Year 5 – Science

Properties and Changes of Materials Project Overview We began our ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ topic by comparing everyday materials’ qualities, such as: hardness, permeability,

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Year 5 – PSHE

Year 5 – PSHE Being Me Project Overview Our theme this half term in PSHE has been ‘Being Me’. In this unit, the children have

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Year 6 Science

Year 6- Animals Including Humans Project Overview In Year 6 this half term we have been learning about ‘Animals Including Humans’. The children have found

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