The Eco-Committee was set up in 2021 by a group of children from across KS1 and KS2.

This year, we have a group of fourteen Year 5 and 6 children leading environmental changes across the school. 

Please have a look through this page to find out what we have been up to.

Clapgate’s Eco-Committee


Over the year, we will be working towards achieving a Green Flag award for creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving school. We have already implemented some great changes across school including our ‘Greenest Classroom of the Week’ award. Through meeting weekly, we aim to work towards set targets to improve our water and energy wastage across school. 

In February, we visited Yorkshire Water Treatment Centre, in Headingley. We had a tour of the facilities and learned about the filtering process. We will be using the knowledge we have gained to deliver an assembly to educate other children on the issues surrounding water wastage.