Parent Teacher Association

Clapgate’s PTA

If you have got a child in school, or are a member of staff, then you are also a member of the PTA
 (Parent, Teacher Association).

As such, you play an important role in the school community.  The PTA are a very enthusiastic and supportive group of volunteers, who organise school events and fundraise throughout the year.  This provides extras that enhance the learning and enjoyment for all our children. 

We regularly hold themed discos for the children and run annual favourites such as the Christmas Extravaganza.  We also like to try out new ideas and have lots of exciting events planned for the rest of the year, including our National Festival Circus in the summer.

You will find details of any planned events in the Clapgate Courier, as well as on the school Facebook page.

We like to support Clapgate with our aims and are currently fundraising to develop a new school library as well as continuing to develop our brilliant outdoor space.  There are other items on our “wish list” so why not get involved and help to decide how the money is spent?

Do look out for the dates of our events and meetings; we would love to see you there and to hear your ideas. 

Finally, without your support, our events would not work, so THANK YOU for all that you do, be it baking cakes, helping at an event or spending money at our stalls.

The PTA Committee

The current Members of the PTA are:

Chair – Heather Taylor

Treasurer/Secretary – Kelly Parker

Other members: Emma Pogson-Golden, Danni Cannon, Clare Durham, Joanne Lythe and Carla Foster

Staff Representatives – Keeley Shires 

If you have any questions, you can talk to any PTA Committee member or email us at

PTA Spending

Since we started our PTA in 2019, we have contributed towards/purchased the following:

  • The Solar Dome
  • A new outdoor garden space with plants, a shed and new benches
  • Chickens and a chicken coop
  •  Selection boxes for every child in school
  • Wellies and raincoats

Previous Events in School